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RM Hubbert @ The Workman’s Club

RM Hubbert will play The Workman's Club in August 2015. Information about RM Hubbert concert at The Workman's Club, including ticket prices, stage times, guests etc.[...]

  • Grace Wilde @ Whelan’s

    Grace Wilde will play Whelan's in August 2015. Information about Grace Wilde concert at Whelan's, [...]

  • Elevation Falls @ Whelan’s

    Elevation Falls will play Whelan's in August 2015. Information about Elevation Falls concert at Whelan's, [...]


August gigs recommended by Dublin Concerts

We took a look at some of the best gigs that the month of August has to offer, and here is what we recommend. After making an appearance at the Indipendence festival, Portland’s finest The Dandy Warhols, make the trip to Dublin [...]

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Stomptown Brass – Irish Band of the Week

Sometimes we bring you duos, sometimes we bring you trios, we’ve even brought you bands with seven members but today, good readers, we bring you a band with nine members. Yes, NINE members. They had the potential for a football team but [...]


Win a pair of tickets to the Youbloom conference!

The Youbloom conference is set to be held on Saturday, 13 June, at The Central Hotel on Exchequer Street, and aims to help musicians learn the ins and outs of the music business. The event is called How to Succeed as a Music [...]