Chimpanbee – Through Rock n’ Roll – Review


Chimpanbee strive to compare themselves “Like a crisp sandwich. They’re hard to bite, rough around the edges and untidy”. If they were a type of crisp, they would be Doritos Chili Heat wave, a fortnight after eating them you can’t help but notice their lingering and instantly want more. Untidy is probably one of the most apt descriptions for the group. One listen to their new single, “Though Rock n’ Roll”, and you can sense the haphazard style this band has adopted yet it works, it unhinges the overly tuned style of music that has grown so popular as of late. From the onset, there is foot-tapping presence of a rebellious electric guitar, coupling perfectly with the unperfected vocals of the frontman.

Nonetheless, give the song a closer listen and you’ll notice that underneath the upbeat instruments and belting guitars, there is a story, a melancholy tale of love. There’s a charming depth to this single that perfectly balances the buoyant manner it is initially presented in. It’s clear that this is a band that doesn’t hold back. I can only imagine that they’ll be an amazing live performance, if this single is anything to go by.

The chorus just has the lingering essence of a crisp sandwich, weeks later you’re still trying to hoover out bits from behind the sofa. It’s a basic hook but still, you can’t help singing along after the second or third listen. Their rough and ready style of music, the gritty guitar, casually sprinkled with the gentle twinkle of piano makes this an ideal soundtrack to a Friday night. The coarse yet playful timbre of the lead vocalist makes this an enchanting single. This, coupled with the spontaneous rise of piano as the song progresses makes this an infectious track, hopefully one of many to arise from their album, “Can’t Stop or Rewind”, released the 12th of this month. While their music harkens back to a style in the later 90s, trying to find a comparison for this band proves difficult, a feat in itself.

Chimpanbee is clearly cutting itself out a new niche in the market, or at least trying to put a new spin on indie rock.

Check out the single below!

Review by Elaine McDonald


Lucy Ivan

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