Electric Picnic Salty Dog Stage Line-Up Released!

Electric Picnic 2014 Lineup

electric-picnic-line-up-2013Electric Picnic have released their Salty Dog Stage line-up for the upcoming fest!

The Salty Dog stage is a staple of EP festival and and so the 40 tonne shipwreck is back to host another almighty line-up for 2013! This year’s line-up is headlined by the wonderful Cathy Davey. Other acts that’ll hopefully be taking to the stage and not walking the plank will be this years festival favourites The Hot Sprockets, The Eskies, St.John The Gambler plus more listed below. The line-up of course doesn’t include the list of secret acts to be pulled from the watery depths of the Salty Dog when the weekend finally comes around.

Here’s the full line-up of acts taking to the forlorn shipwreck platform for more nights of debauchery, piracy and damn good music:

  • Cathy Davey
  • Bronagh Gallagher & Her Band
  • The Hot Sprockets
  • St. John the Gambler
  • The Mighty Stef
  • The Viking Project
  • The Trampz B & The Honey Boy
  • Minny & The Illywackers
  • Moo!
  • Richard Farrell & The Last Tribe
  • Interskalactic
  • Children of the Son
  • Pete Pamf Sextette
  • Mikey & The Scallywags
  • Beef Supreme
  • Ronan Ó Snódaigh & Friends
  • Adela & The Meanits
  • Grum & The Duende Dogs
  • Ollie Cole
  • The Cujo Family
  • Blind Yackety
  • Shane Hennessy
  • Propeller Palms feat The Suspects
  • The Eskies
  • She’s A Beauty
  • The Camembert Quarter Sunday Service
  • Cold Comfort


Laur Ryan

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