The Ikonics – I’m Not Defeated (Review)


It’s not hard to believe that The Ikonics is enjoying an advent of popularity on a national scale. With their first headline show swiftly approaching on the 6th of September, it’s set to a thrilling and invigorating performance. The past few months has seen them move rapidly from a few support act opportunities to their own headline show at Dublin’s Academy. Their first single, “I’m Not Defeated” from their EP marks the dawn of a wonderful new style of music. A distinct combination of fluttering vocals with a strong tingle of piano creates a wonderfully fresh pop sound. Not unlike the Script or Kodaline, the Ikonics have the sort of charm that will overrun the Irish top 40 chart in no time.

The song gives listeners the briefest of insights into an EP that skillfully merges a variety of genres into one, accompanied with expressive vocals, demonstrating that this is a band aware of the importance of balance. The lyrical quality of the guitar that shines through in “I’m Not Defeated” is deliciously seductive, combined with a gentle progression of drums that culminates in one significantly catchy hook. This song acknowledges the importance of enchanting its fans with foot-tapping rhythms.

The hopeful essence of the song that shines through has a distinct similarity to the dominant rock/pop bands currently on the Irish scene. The measured quality of the lyrics, initially despondent but progressing into a manner that reflects its title, lead singer Dean uses his vocals to astounding effect. There is a delicate wavering to his voice that accompanies the gentle manner of the electric guitar splendidly. His voice does not try to maintain an overly masculine timbre; it has a softer quality that works so fantastically. The piano’s continuously gentle chime works well into the song, rather than sounding forced it only enhances the strong emotions being conveyed.

Although they might be considered a little green, I think the Ikonics have a wonderful future ahead of them. Their delicate style is haunting and wonderfully unique; you can’t help but shake the hooks and beat that clings to listeners Monday. I definitely think this a band that will rock out at the Academy 2 and they’re most certainly ones to watch in the near future.

Review by Elaine McDonald


Lucy Ivan

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