Irish Band of the Week: Liza Flume

liza-flume-knockanstockan-2013-9Another Monday, another Irish Band of the Week…

This act is one that’s been playing on my mind for quite a while yet my entirely incorrect assumption that she wasn’t Irish led to her never gracing the front page of Well, thank Jack Dorsey for twitter because last week, to my pleasant surprise, I found out that one of my favourite up-and-coming is actually Irish, and not a 100% Aussie, like I had assumed. Cue my excitement at the thought of writing this week’s article…

I present to you, Liza Flume…

Liza Flume was born in Australia, to Irish parents and is now, to our satisfaction, a Dublin-based solo artist leaving her mark on the Irish music scene. This folk songstress is a maestro of the loop pedal and builds layers on layers of acoustic guitar and vocals to create a scintillating, captivating sound. Her debut single held more promise and denoted more lyrical skill than a lot of act’s entire back catalogue. There’s a raw honesty in Liza’s music that you can’t help but relate to or empathize with. Couple that with a voice that resonates so sweetly in the ears yet bares a cutting, thrilling edge from time to time to enthrall you and you have one heck of a talent on your hands.

Liza has been spending her summer gracing the stages of many of Ireland’s festivals including KnockanStockan and the Jack of Diamonds Festivals. She is currently working on her second EP and oh boy, do we have high expectations. Somehow, I’m quite confident we won’t be disappointed. A little Twitter birdy tells us she’s just added an electric guitar to her musical family, so who knows exactly what’s in store for us next.

Liza Flume’s Debut EP ‘Full Steam Ahead’ was released in May and has garnered her much fanfare in Ireland and across Europe, especially amongst the critics. You can listen to and download here the full EP by clicking here.

Check out the video for Liza’s latest single “Swords“, released just this week, here (It’s one of those ones you’ll throw on repeat, we promise!) :


Laur Ryan

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