Hozier – Take Me To Church (video)

Hozier has released a video for “Take Me To Church” the song that titles his debut EP.

On July 3rd, Hozier released a four-track EP titled “Take Me To Church” that can be downloaded for free from Hozier’s bandcamp page.

The video, directed by Irish director Brendan Canty and his Feel Good Lost team, is a 4 minute piece of pure cinematography for a four minute long brilliant tune.

Brendan said about working with Hozier on the video:  “As ‘Take Me To Church’ is such a powerful and thought provoking song we felt the video needed to be the same. We wanted to create something that challenged the audience and made them sit up and really think. The song is about sexuality, humanity and liberation; so after many discussions between us and Hozier we came up with a concept drawing on these themes, and on the current situation in Russia; with particular focus on  the widespread ostracization of homosexuals and the widespread condoning of their torture and murder”.

In less than a day since it’s release on YouTube, the video gathered almost 80,000 views. That’s amazing!

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Lucy Ivan

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