Ones To Watch 2014

whelans-ones-to-watch-2014It’s that time of the year again. Ones To Watch 2014 is taking place from January 8th to the 11th in Whelan’s and The Village.

It’s the first mini-festival of the year and, if last year is any guide, it will be great!

In 2013 we covered many of the acts that appeared with mini-reviews and photos. We saw some amazing bands we’re looking forward to Ones To Watch 2014 as it’s one of the best places to see talented musicians in an intimate setting.

Tickets for Ones To Watch 2014 are unbelievably cheap – €5 for a day or €10 (with a free pint) for all 4 days.

More than 50 acts will play this week on the stages of Whelan’s and The Village, so make sure you’re there.

Ones To Watch 2014 lineup:

Wednesday, Jan 8th

Time Whelan's Time Whelan's Upstairs


Fauve Chapman20:30-21:00Gigabyte


Conor Linnie21:15-21:45Miriam Donohue


Liza Flume22:00-22:30Sails
23:30-00:00Keith Moss and the Tightrope Walkers
00:15-00:45Me And My Dog

Thursday, Jan 9th

Time Whelan's Time Whelan's Upstairs
21:00-21:30We Arrive Alive21:15-21:45Floor Staff
22:30-23:00The Academic22:45-23:15Wild Promises
23:15-23:45Moscow Metro23:30-00:00Carriages
01:00-01:30Oh Boland
01:45-02:15The Vincents

Friday, Jan 10th

Time Whelan's Time Whelan's Upstairs Time The Village
20:15-20:45Swimmers20:30-21:00Lemon20:15-20:45Punch Face Champions
21:00-21:30Color//Sound21:15-21:45Biggles Flys Again21:00-21:30Toy Soldier
21:45-22:15RudyTrixx22:00-22:30Race the Flux21:45-22:15Mojo Gogo
22:30-23:00Tandem Felix22:45-23:15We Town Criers22:30-23:00Vann Music
23:15-23:45Other Creatures23:30-00:00Women's Christmas
00:15-00:45Plutonic Dust
01:45-02:15Buffalo Sunn

Saturday, Jan 11th

Time Whelan's Time Whelan's Upstairs Time The Village
20:15-20:45White Chalk20:00-20:30tbc20:00-20:30The North Sea
21:00-21:30Otherkin20:45-21:15Blades Club20:45-21:15Thieves
21:45-22:15Paddy Hana21:30-22:00Amidships21:30-22:00Corner Boy
22:30-23:00Val Normal22:15-22:45My Tribe Your Tribe22:15-22:45Gangs
23:15-23:45Overhead The Albatross23:00-23:30Pockets
23:45-00:15Cat Dowling
00:30-01:00The Ground Will Shake
01:15-01:45The Boxing Plot
02:00-02:30Animal Beats


Some of the bands we saw in 2013:


Lucy Ivan

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