Crow Black Chicken – Irish Band of the Week

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crow-black-chickenThere are not many real rock & roll bands at the moment out there. Some people say the original Sound of Rock died in the late 70’s so what we got afterwards it’s just stardust. That rock stars with big beards, t-shirts as a favourite outfit and prodigious hands on the electric guitar seem replaced for other music trends and lifestyle.

However, not long time ago, 3 guys from Tipperary, Home of Bulmers, decided to embrace their love for that classical rock and roll sound with the addition of blues and some southern folk to create the perfect formula. This is how Crow Black Chicken was born in 2009 and, since then, they haven’t stop achieving success.

They won the All Ireland battle for Glastonbury in 2011, they are in a continuous tour around Ireland and they have already announced their next European tour for this summer. What else? oh yes!, they have one of the greatest live performances you can find in our local music scene.

Christy O’Hanlon’s broken blues voice merges with the powerful guitar and drums of Steven McGrath and Gev Barrett giving shape to a band that remind us to that rock stars so in love with Music that are able to transmite their deepest passion when they are on a stage.

Check more info about Crow Black Chicken on their Facebook page and their website.

Article by Sofia J. Valls


Lucy Ivan

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