Storyfold – ‘The Underpass’ EP – Review


Storyfold’s new EP ‘The Underpass’, due out April 11th, is the follow up to their 2011 album ‘Rocket Science’.

It kicks off with a strutting indie rock guitar riff and with drums giving us a slow headbang rhythm for the title track. A harmony and a musical swell join the lead singer’s easy melodic tones at the chorus. There is something catchily anthemic to the song as it picks up and variations enter the initial musical lines.

Second track Beech Row takes a slightly more melodic tone, a little less rock-ish and with more of a romantic, emotional tone especially in the lyric line which has some lovely powerful longer notes. Definitely speaks to an inner part in the listen and stirs up something you can’t quite put your finger on.

A choir of voices eases us into track three before the guitar takes over to segue us into the lead singer’s dulcet tones once again with a soft indie refrain which allows you to really listen to the lyrics of True Love Tells You Lies. The shouted lyrics after the chorus gives it a few brief moments of rock passion in an otherwise gentle song which add flavour along with an electrifying guitar riff mid-song to kick the rock vibe up a notch until it softens again to fade to the ending.

The closing track, the intriguingly titles Michael rounds off the short but distinguishing EP with a slow but passionate indie-rock number slightly reminiscent of The Killers’ ‘Sam’s Town’ album but with a more youthful tone. It builds from a simple start to a bold finish that leaves a bit of a tingle in the listener as the song ends.

All in all some lovely new sounds for a band that will only get stronger. The title track really stands out and is one of the more unique sounds of the album. A few pop and rock twists liven up these four indie tracks and the EP will definitely pique interest in their new sound.

See Storyfold live:

  • Monroes, Galway, March 14th
  • Whelans Midnight Show, Dublin, March 22nd
  • Number 1, Mullingar, April 4th
  • Sweeney Mongrel, Dublin, on April 10th

Review by Kat Clinch

Storyfold are also our Irish Band of the Week.


Lucy Ivan

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