Heroes In Hiding – ‘Hush’ EP – Review


heroes-in-hidingAfter a three year absence, Dublin band Heroes In Hiding are back with their 4 track EP ‘Hush’. The folk-rock band’s EP showcases what they have to offer, enjoyable folk songs with some very catchy tunes. Title track and single ‘Hush’ is a highlight as it has the folk sound to it but there is definitely something special about it. However it’s ‘Bruises’ that really steals the show for this EP, Joe Carroll’s vocals are particularly impressive on this track, as are the lyrics. Carroll’s voice is something that stands out throughout and is one of the elements that makes the EP so listenable. Also, the song as a whole is just very enjoyable, and catchy, and it really captures the band’s sound.

At first listen, the EP might sound a bit same-y, a bit safe, but it’s actually not. Listen after listen there are still new things to hear, little bits of flair and originality to notice. By blending the folk sound with the more alternative/rock one, Hiding In Heroes have managed to stay away from the clichés and trappings of either genre.

It might take a listen or two to get into it, but once you get it, it’s an EP that will have you just wishing it was longer. The EP is only a short example of what is to come for the band, available for free download and with their next EP to be released in April if ‘Hush’ is anything to go by, people should be very excited for it.

Review by Orla Conway


Lucy Ivan

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