Let’s Set Sail “Marbles” EP – Review


lets-set-sail-marblesLet’s Set Sail “Marbles” EP
Release date: April 25th

In the aftermath of their highly anticipated single release of “Smitten” late last year, Let’s Set Sail are back with their wonderful new EP “Marbles”. The Dublin five piece have a wonderfully idiosyncratic manner about them. With rustic lead vocals and a pared back style of guitar, this is the perfect EP to listen to on a mellow summer afternoon.

Furthermore, with a variety of upcoming gigs, including Bodytonic’s The Beatyard Festival on April 26th, this is definitely one band you have no excuse to not see this summer.

Their new EP harkens back to a classic style of indie music, particularly their track “Boats”, the charmingly smooth guitar rhythm has a quintessential charm to it. The drums, the wonderfully harmonised vocals, they all culminate in a potential Irish hit-think a more rural version Of Monsters and Men. Yet they all show that their songwriting abilities aren’t limited to mentions of the Dublin landscape, their track “Marbles” maintains the same rural manner to it. The band clearly isn’t afraid to draw upon their personal experiences, which shine through throughout this track. The slow beat of the drum in the track only aids to the laid-back style of the band. Their tracks seem to embody a chilled manner to them, but in such a way that they remain with you long after you’ve finished listening. “Arrival” and “Fossil” share this same haunting quietness to them, this isn’t a band trying to push their musical prowess in their face, the infectious sweetness to their tracks, particularly the harmonising of vocals gives it this fabulous humble essence to their music.

They don’t overload their tracks with overproduction, the vocals and guitar speak loudly enough.

Review by Elaine McDonald


Lucy Ivan

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