Ryan Sheridan looking for ex-pats to star in new video

ryan-sheridan-academy2-2Well this is a pretty cool idea.

Ryan Sheridan is looking for ex-pats to star in the video for his new song ‘Home’. The song is about what people miss about home and it will be featured in a major motion picture this summer.

So what do all of you Irish exiles have to do to feature in the video? It’s pretty simple really. All people have to do is record a 5 – 10 second clip of you writing down what you miss about the aul sod. It can be written anywhere; a wall, a pavement, in sand, as long as it’s clear and creative and preferably features a landmark from your new home.

Just be careful, we’re pretty sure writing ‘Tayto Crisps’ in fifty foot high letters up and down the Eiffel Tower will land you in trouble with the local Gendarme. Writing ‘taco chips’ in lipstick on a mirror might be a safer bet. Anyway, stop robbing our ideas and get cracking on your own to be in with the chance of featuring in a real live music video.

Fans have until Sunday 1 June to submit their clips for consideration. Please send all clips to ryansheridanhome@gmail.com


Mark O'Brien

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