Alabama 3 to play acoustic show in Whelan’s, Dublin

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alabama-3-button-factory-dublin-16Alabama 3 will play an acoustic and unplugged show in Whelan’s on 1 August.

Best known as an acid house band (with a hint of blues and country), this stripped back show will feature delta blues versions of some of the band’s best known songs.

The line-up for these shows consists of Larry Love (who recently starred in the excellent Irish short film ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’) and Aurora Dawn on vocals, Rock Freebase on guitar and Harpo Strangelove on harmonica. This show is sure to feature some interesting takes on some of the band’s best known work – a stripped back version of The Soprano’s theme tune ‘Woke Up This Morning’ is bound to be a treat.

Tickets costing €19 are on sale now.


Mark O'Brien

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