Morrissey and Marshall announce Workman’s Club gig for September

Morrissey and Marshall - Workman's Club - 26 September

Morrissey and Marshall - Workman's Club - 26 September

Morrissey and Marshall have just confirmed a gig at Dublin’s Workman’s Club on 26th September 2014. The Irish duo, ex members of the rock & roll band Deshonos, moved to London a few years ago. Having only a couple of songs at that moment, Morrissey and Marshall didn’t waste their time. “Every night we would find an open mic night, and when there wasn’t an open mic night we’d go somewhere and busk”, Morrissey recalls. The little sessions in bars helped them to meet to right people that helped them to produce their debut album, “And so it Began”.

Morrissey & Marshall’s first single – “I’ve got a plan”

“I believe that if you’re positive about something, you will achieve what you want to do,” says Morrissey, who writes the lyrics. “In the last band it was all about me feeling sorry for myself, and people got it to an extent. But people latch on to my lyrics a lot more with these songs. If you are positive you will attract a positive response.”

“Even in music, there’s no one saying ‘Things can be different’,” Morrissey says. “There’s no Bob Marley, no John Lennon. But people are still looking for guidance.”

At the end of 2013, Morrissey and Marshall supported Sinead O’Connor at the Festival Hall. “If we’d not done the amount of busking and gigs that we have, I don’t think we’d have been able to get up and play in the Festival Hall,” Marshall says. “We came here to serve an apprenticeship. We never ever turned down a gig. I think we’ve played some of the worst gigs known to man. And we’ve lived off beans on toast for weeks. We don’t mind. Sometimes, the harder it gets, the more determined you are to carry on.”

Tickets priced €12.50 are on sale now.


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