Review of Redwoods’ new song ‘Do You Understand’

Redwoods Irish band of the Week

Redwoods - 'Do You Understand'

Redwoods are a rock pop group of four from Greystones. Formed in 2010, they have since played numerous festivals such as Indiependence and Castlepalooza and gained the attention of national broadcasters; featuring on 2FM and The Late Late Show.

They have just released their newest song ‘Do You Understand’ and its video online.

We are delicately eased in with pretty piano notes. The aesthetically pleasing vision of a golden crop field is incredibly suitable for this beautiful song – what with lead singer Elliot’s voice; drawing you in with its soothing and slightly raspy allure.

The pace at which the camera moves backwards quickens, matching the tempo that catapults into an upbeat rhythm with voices soaring in harmony over the sound of drums and shakers.

This is truly a piece of art. On a poetic note, ‘Do You Understand’ succeeds exceptionally.

These open fields signify a sense of freedom that is further reflected in the music. Lyrics like “forget the past” and “I’m not sorry for who I am” allow for a feel-good, empowering song that seems to talk about seizing the day and moving forward with pride. It is a true pleasure to both watch and hear.

As the camera moves onto a new exciting area, past brambles and bushes, we get this sense of experience and new ventures.

It is clear that ‘Do You Understand’ has been made with thought and care, leading to one blissful piece of work.

You can download ‘Do You Understand’ for free from Bandcamp.

By Shannon Welby


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