The Viking Project’s New Video – ‘A Year in Disappear’

The Viking Projects

The Viking Projects

The dreamy intro with a guitar’s splendid strings is perfectly represented by silhouettes of the band members containing the moving world around them. Heavenly visions of fields and trees are backdropped by what seems like a shimmering sunlight remaining on the screen.

In both video and lyrics there is a constant theme of escape.
“To return to words.. or not”

The celestial sounds allow us to drift off, lost in the sounds of The Viking Project.

Now and again we see the lads clearly, as they are, with no special effects surrounding them, dazzling with greenery. It is nice to encounter the musicians and getting to know the faces behind the blissful tune. On a poetic note this could perhaps indicate that they are still part of reality and urging to escape – tying in with the constant theme.

Lead singer Michael Purcell has an extraordinary, reedy voice. It is the kind of voice that captures the soul, the kind that you would never tire of hearing. The breath-taking images of the wilderness do this exceptional tune great justice – with sights as pleasureful as the sounds.

Poetic and symbolic connotations come about when fire blares as they sing “I will be the one you set upon”. It is apparent that this video has been developed with thought.

Lyrics like “where did I go wrong?” make this a pensive song, open to interpretation. They also lead us to make our own reflections and connections, fuelling our enjoyment.

Overall ‘A Year in Disappear’, both song and video, are simply brilliant. With powerful harmonies, smooth rhythms, exquisite horizons and captivating images, this video is a real gem.

The Viking Project are having an Album Fundraiser Show tomorrow, Friday the 22nd of August in the Grand Social with doors at8 pm.

By Shannon Welby


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