The Fray at the Olympia Theatre – Review and Photos

The Fray, Olympia Theatre, Review, Photos

The Fray, Olympia Theatre, Review, Photos

The Fray at the Olympia Theatre – 23rd September

Colorado act ‘The Fray’ landed in Dublin town to blow their dedicated fans and followers minds away. Uber popular Irish act Raglans were great in support. Check them out on Breaking Tunes -‘Digging Holes’ and ‘Natives’ makes you sit up and take notice (Arctic Monkey’s style). They have a new album, great lyrics/vocals/guitar skills and are definitely ones to watch.The Fray was formed by school friends Isaac Slade (vocals/piano/songwriter) and Joe King (guitar/keys/vocals) in 2003, with Ben Wysocki (drums) and David Welsh (guitar) joining at a later stage. The act has come a long way since forming and then hit the big time with a massive global hit called ‘How to Save a Life’. Over ten years later, ‘Helios’, their fourth album, was released at the beginning of 2014.

Opening with ‘Closer to me’ Isaac on piano sang “Two steps forward and two steps back” dressed in slick denim and cotton dancing around the mic, while the rest of the band were in leather, flaunting cool tattoos. Joe walked around checking everyone out. I swear, Joe looked everyone of us in the eyes, which was nice because he’s absolutely gorgeous! The atmosphere was electric and the punters were standing up from their seats from the first word, cameras in hand.

The crowd went ballistic when Isaac sang the famous line “Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me” from ‘You Found Me’. He moved from vocals to piano with such ease. Jumping from the piano to the stage like a tornado, Isaac launched into ‘Hurricane’, and everybody went totally nuts.Isaac jumped all over the podiums owning the stage, ending on top of the piano at one point. Moving on, Slade sang a song about a college break up and the “Look After You” to much audience love. Isaac and Joe sang their hearts out and created nice harmonies during ‘Wherever This Goes’ while the crowd stood with open arms, loving it. Joe sang alone for ‘Ungodly Hour’. His voice is great, definitely a show highlight.

‘Hold my Hand’ had Isaac back on piano, and the song ‘Turn me on’ had a really funky vibe. The band really let loose playing drums and bongo solo (from the cute Lenny Kravitz lookalike in the corner). This funk driven song was great.The band played on and then Isaac shared with us: “We sometimes write songs about friends and family, but mostly songs are about ourselves. You listen, because it’s like a mirror, a light house, I guess this song, this was about ME”.  Erupting into ‘How to Save a Life’ drums and lights flashing, the crowd was going absolutely nuts again. During ‘Over my Head’, everyone in the room danced around wildly and everyone was singing along. They left the stage briefly to the dismay of the crowd, but quickly came back and played more tunes (‘Love Don’t Die’), and ending on to a room of screaming mad people.

What a huge buzz there was in the room for The Fray! The crowd left completely satisfied and in love. If you’re a fan of soft rock (think Maroon 5, Counting Crows and U2) go get all over The Fray. Their new album will not disappoint fans of the genre, and judging by the crowd, their new album is going to be a huge success.

Review by Aine Byrne
Photos by David Doyle


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