Hail The Ghost’s new single ‘Headstoned’ reviewed

Hail The Ghost

Hail The Ghost

Hail The Ghost are a new name to the music world, having formed this year out of previous members of the band White McKenzie – whom, after a dive into YouTube, I established as a highly commendable group. From that moment my curiosity was roused by Hail The Ghost and what they have to offer.

‘Headstoned’, their debut single, kicks off with devastatingly beautiful piano, immediately grabbing our attention with its somber enchantment. However, it is when the distinct baritone vocals come into play that we become completely absorbed. This is the song that you will hear on the radio and ask “what is this called?” and, “who are this band?”. With just this one tune, Hail The Ghost have created something special – a new sound for the Irish much spectrum.

The vocals of Kieran O’Reilly bring a defining edge to the music of Hail The Ghost. Their sonorous flavor adds significantly to the intricate nature of this band. Think of a vibe similar to that of The National. Hail The Ghost boast wonderful instrumental as well as complex and alluring lyrics. Lines such as “you’ve created your own field of headstones” leave us in a daze of thought, picking apart the meaning for ourselves.

I feel genuine anticipation for the full album, having been riveted by this one fantastic tune. Hail The Ghost are a refreshing breath of indie air for us to inhale, absorb and appreciate.

‘Headstoned’ is officially out on the 5th of December. Hail The Ghost’s debut album ‘Forsaken’ will be released on the 6th of March 2015.

Listen to ‘Headstoned’ here:

Review by Shannon Welby


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