Colornoise – ‘Amalie’ – Review

Colornoise - 'Amalie' - Review

Colornoise - 'Amalie' - Review

Costa Rica band break two year silence with new release.

It’s been almost two years since we last heard from Costa Rica’s Colornoise on their second LP Polychronic. A record of dense, hypnotic rock, it was released on Red Sound Records in 2013 to critical acclaim. With the addition of bassist Mari Navarro, the once duo of Sonya Carmona and Alison Alvarado have since expanded to a three piece, the fruits of which can be heard on new single ‘Amalie’. The dark haunting melodies remain, but there is now more texture to be enjoyed. The obvious comparison is Warpaint, who also have a penchant for swampy grooves but there are also echoes of Dublin’s own September Girls. A minimalist Sixties beat opens the track before Carmona’s hushed vocal makes a line like “sip of tea, real sweet” sound like a threat. As the verse stalks, so the chorus captures as ‘Amalie’ takes flight with gorgeous melodies and layers of stoner guitar. And like all good pop songs, it’s over too soon. If you’re a fan of indie, psych or the aforementioned bands, you’ll love Colornoise. Their new album is out later this year.

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Review by Keith McGouran


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