The Jigsaw Jam – Irish Band of the Week

The Jigsaw Jam Whelan's Review

The Jigsaw Jam Irish Band of the Week

Being compared to already established artists can be both daunting and flattering, but it can lead to an act being pigeon-holed to a certain genre or sub-genre. One of these acts that has had these comparisons drawn are The Jigsaw Jam. Likened to big names old and new, The Jigsaw Jam stuck to their guns and created their own variety of music best suited to themselves, and refused to have a label put on them.

The recent release of their second EP Somewhere Between Lost and Found has received praise far and wide, with national radio play to boot. Climbing high in the charts, the Dublin band will take this new EP on tour including an official launch night in Whelan’s on Friday, 3 July.

The EP includes a bilingual song ‘Ag Caint’ (‘Talking’) which fuses together English and Irish to create a smooth flowing song for the new age Celt and their second single ‘We Have Done’, a sub 3 minute upbeat indie-pop song, the music video for which explores the real life love interest between a couple and their subsequent proposal (she said Yes!), which you can check out below.

Altogether, The Jigsaw Jam make a strong case to be one of the ones to watch in 2015. This 5 track EP certainly compliments the Dublin band, as they look to build for a bigger future.

You can check out the guys on Twitter and Facebook.

Watch the ‘We Have Done’ video.

 By Pat Byrne


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