Ten things we love about KnockanStockan Festival

KnockanStockan 2015

We put together a list of things we love about KnockanStockan Festival, which takes place this weekend.

1. It’s BYOB. That’s bring your own slab, crate or barrel of beer. Cider, wine and spirits are all allowed in, but not in glass bottles. BYOB doesn’t seem to affect bar sales though, there wasn’t a single dram of whiskey left by midnight on Saturday last year.

KnockanStockan 2015

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2. The Faerie Field. The stage is set within a pretty sloping enclave. Grassy and soft, the sun peeks in late in the afternoon. After dark, it’s mysterious and alluring. I have musical memories of Slow Skies in 2013 and Come On Live Long in 2014 serenading the audience. There’s also a cute little bar snuggled in beside it.

Knockanstockan 2015

3. The pizza. The pizza restaurant on the double decker bus. I can’t recall the name of it, but it’s proper tasty homemade pizza. Bit tricky navigating the stairs, but who cares?!

4. The scenery. Knockanstockan is set beside Blessington Lakes, possibly one of the most scenic festivals in Ireland.

Knockanstockan 2015

5. Free entry for kids (under 12’s). They get their own little wristband, there’s family friendly camping where it’s quiet. Lots of face painting, party games, art and sculptures will capture the boho imagination of the little ones.

6. The crowd are deadly. It’s a fact. Knockanstockan-ers rock. They just want to have fun, sing their hearts out and have new experiences. Even if you go to the festival alone, you won’t be on your own for long.

Knockanstockan 2015

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7. The music. Knockanstockan has a wide and varied menu of musical unsigned talent. All genres are touched upon. There’s literally one for everyone in the audience from established artists, aspiring singer songwriters and breakthrough bands. The Hot Sprockets and New Secret Weapon are just two of the Knockanstockan success stories.

Knockanstockan 2015

8. The Wishbone Stage. Last year it was pink and purple with art and a light up box that you could sit into located right beside it. Lots of charming performers on this year, Miriam Donoghue, Conor Linnie and Rob Walsh to name but a few.

9. Blessington. It’s cool, hippy and laid back. Supervalu, Hennessy’s and Centra are stocking up on cider, wine and all the craft beer you can carry. There’s three chippers and a public toilet at the bus stop. A festival bus runs from the main entrance gate to Blessington village quite frequently over the weekend. Refuel with a festival breakfast at Kenny’s Kitchen, their full Irish won’t disappoint, though you may have to compete with the cyclists who often call in for a sausage sandwich.

10. The security. Friendly, funny and generally nice folk. Yes, they have a job to do, but, hey, they do it as nicely as they can. They want to keep you safe, so be nice back to them.

Words by Ciara Sheahan
Photos by Tudor Marian


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