New Single From Enemies, ‘Play Fire’

Enemies Play Fire

Enemies Play Fire

Following on from the release of their well-received second album Embark, Embrace two years ago, Wicklow post-rock quartet Enemies have given us a feel for their upcoming third record in the shape of new single ‘Play Fire’.

Accompanied by a visually lush music video from director Finn Keenan, ‘Play Fire’ showcases a band keen to step out of their comfort zone and develop their sound. The post-rock roots are still very much present in the textured guitar-work and unconventional rhythm of the verses, but the familiar Enemies sound has been infused with a downright poppy chorus. The ability of the group to float effortlessly between the tightly structured nature of math-rock and the more hook-centric approach found in pop has allowed Enemies to carve out a niche for themselves in one of the less-ventured recesses of contemporary music.

Enemies have journeyed down some new avenues over the past two years and from the early signs displayed in ‘Play Fire’ it’s clear that the band aren’t in danger of stagnating any time soon. Their next record could easily prove to be their most engaging offering yet.

Words by Shane Croghan


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