The Statics’ New Single – ‘Fake Sorrow’

The Statics' New Single - 'Fake Sorrow'

The Statics' New Single - 'Fake Sorrow'

Dublin indie-rock trio The Statics have set themselves up for a hectic conclusion to 2015, recording a new single to be released next month, and pencilling in a number of live dates to see out the year. The new song, ‘Fake Sorrow’, will be available for download from 14 November, with the single launch night to follow in The Workman’s Club on 28 November.

With ‘Fake Sorrow’ the group have set out to capture the kinetic energy of their live performances on record. The vocal style is reminiscent of the broken-radio delivery of Julian Casablancas, perhaps unsurprisingly, given the recruitment of Gordon Raphael, the acclaimed producer behind The Strokes’ seminal album Is This It, for this single. Sonically ‘Fake Sorrow’ echoes British groups like Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines, with the raw guitar tone of Dinosaur Jr. There’s even a hint of Radiohead somewhere in the dying seconds of the track.

The release of ‘Fake Sorrow’, along with the appearance of tracks like ‘Goodbye’ and ‘I Know That You Know’ at recent gigs, would suggest that a third album is imminent from the robust three-piece.


Shane Croghan

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