Meltybrains? – ‘New Don’

New Don Meltybrains?

New Don Meltybrains?

Meltybrains? are classically trained musicians making decidedly un-classical music. The group’s latest release ‘New Don’ explores the darker side of their collective psyche, whilst still employing some of the usual Meltybrains? motifs, with Meltymasks and progressive electronic sounds in abundance throughout ‘New Don’.

Typical of the experimental nature of the electronic art-pop outfit, ‘New Don’ is a drastic departure from previous release, ‘The Vine’, with the group swinging away from the bright tropics and landing somewhere in dimly-lit, urban Dublin. A haunting glockenspiel and howling vocals guide the way through the track, before wailing synths lead into the climactic tumult of noise.

The video, directed by the group themselves, alongside previous collaborator Louise Gaffney, is just as unsettling as the music. Lyrics are spray-painted across the screen, swirling, flickering and reading in reverse. Surreal, Lynchian images, cut together by drummer Michéal Quinn, serve to amplify the chaos of the music, with certain movements played backwards, adding to the overall unnerving nature of this release.

With the release of ‘New Don’, Meltybrains? have cemented their status as one of the most forward-thinking bands in Irish music.


Shane Croghan

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