Little Green Cars – ‘The Song They Play Every Night’

Little Green Cars - 'The Song They Play Every Night'

Little Green Cars - 'The Song They Play Every Night'

After years of extensive touring in support of their debut LP, Absolute Zero, Little Green Cars have returned with the first single from their sophomore album, Ephemera, scheduled for release on 11 March.

‘The Song They Play Every Night’ is the opener on the new album and it seems to set the tone for an introspective collection of songs to follow. The teens who recorded the widely acclaimed Absolute Zero have experienced the rocky transition into adulthood and the album will reflect this. ‘Lyrically, it’s all about change’, according to singer Stevie Appleby.

The new track embodies the maturity in song-writing and lyricism that Little Green Cars have attained over the past few years. The delicate acoustic guitar and deft use of reverb make for a gentle opening, shifting the focus onto the forlorn lyrics. As the pace picks up, ‘The Song They Play Every Night’ sparks into life, becoming layered and cathartic before winding down into a tender inward examination once again.

This first single from Ephemera suggests that the dreaded second album syndrome won’t affect Little Green Cars, who have continued to hone their sound through years of touring. The band will return to Dublin for an Iveagh Gardens show on 23 July.


Shane Croghan

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