Lisa Hannigan Announces New Album & Unveils First Single

Lisa Hannigan Announces New Album & Unveils First Single

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Lisa Hannigan Announces New Album & Unveils First Single

Lisa Hannigan has finally announced details of her long-awaited third album. At Swim is set for release on Friday 19 August and the first single, ‘Prayer For The Dying’, is available for listening right now.

Currently in the midst of an Irish tour, mostly in small, intimate venues, the singer-songwriter has been busy since the release of Passenger in 2011. Struggling for solo inspiration, Hannigan busied herself in soundtrack work on the likes of the Oscar-winning Gravity and acclaimed television show Fargo, as well as making her voice-acting debut in Irish animation Song of the Sea.

Somewhere amongst all this, an unexpected email from Aaron Dessner, of indie-rock darlings The National, put forward the idea of a collaboration, ultimately setting Hannigan on course for what would become At Swim. This transatlantic exchange of ideas eventually developed into something more cohesive, leading to Dessner producing this new album, which was recorded over seven days in a church in Hudson, New York.

The first taste of At Swim, ‘Prayer For The Dying’, is gentle, melancholic ballad, inspired by grief and lost love. There’s something of a country influence to the track, with delicate piano and slide-guitar underscoring Hannigan’s powerful, mournful vocal. ‘Prayer For The Dying’ may be inherently sombre in nature, but it never gives over entirely to sadness, managing to evoke a wistful beauty in the refrain of “your heart, my heart” which drives the chorus.

You can pre-order At Swim right now from Lisa Hannigan store and receive ‘Prayer For The Dying’ instantly.


Shane Croghan

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