Two Door Cinema Club Announce New Album & Unveil First Single

Two Door Cinema Club Announce New Album & Unveil First Single

Two Door Cinema Club Announce New Album & Unveil First Single

Following a string of not-so-secret gigs in a number of smaller venues around Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club are well and truly back in business. They’ve announced the first details of their third studio album Gameshow, set for release on October 14, and given us a taste of this new release in the shape of ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’.

The group have been on a self-imposed hiatus since the release of their sophomore album Beacon four years ago and they seem invigorated by their time away from the spotlight. After growing up and entering adulthood together as members of Two Door Cinema Club, the trio from Bangor have used the past few years to explore their own individual identities and discover some new influences for their music.

‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ is the first single, and the opening track, from Gameshow. All the familiar Two Door Cinema Club traits are on display, the infectious indie-pop hooks still permeate their music and Alex Trimble’s vocals are delicate, yet robust. They aren’t just relying on a tried and tested formula though, a desire to push the envelope is evident, with the group citing influences from Prince to Bowie to German krautrock bands of the 60s and 70s.

The style of guitar employed in the opening of ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’ has shades of funk and disco, suggesting that Gameshow will see Two Door Cinema Club attempting to push their sound beyond their pop-centric origins. That’s not to say they’ve abandoned their old sensibilities though, with this single offering up a danceable chorus and catchy refrains just like the Two Door Cinema Club of Tourist History and Beacon.

You can pre-order Gameshow on iTunes right now and if you fancy a trip across the water, Two Door Cinema Club are playing a small number of festival dates in the United Kingdom this summer.


Shane Croghan

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