Mark O’Brien

Mark has lived in Dublin for his entire life apart from a pleasant four year exile in Donegal. Ever since he kept on pestering his parents to repeatedly play Simon and Garfunkel’s cover of ‘Wake Up Little Suzie’ as a three year old, he has been obsessed with music. He plays guitar and piano but usually only picks these instruments up while drunk to annoy other party goers with his terrible renditions of well known classics – hopefully his writing is better than his playing.

He works in administration for a medical supplies company and is currently studying for a Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies part time in DBS.

His other interests include the masochistic practice of following the fortunes of Liverpool FC and occasionally writing poetry, which led to him becoming a runner -up in the unpublished poets section of last year’s Trocaire/Poetry Ireland All Ireland Poetry Competition.

Some of Mark’s work:

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