Nicole Leggett

Nicole LeggettNicole is an avid supporter of all things Irish music. This dates back to even her pre-leaving cert days when she would sit in the back of accounting class and promote Irish acts on social media. She moved to the UK for 3 years in 2011, returning with a BSc in Criminology yet still none the wiser about where life will take her.

She has a love for quiet intimate gigs but also appreciates the buzz and hype of bigger shows and festival atmospheres. Nicole also constantly strives to spread the word about emerging artists and is passionate in her approach of doing so.

If someone were to ask what music she liked, they would get an array of eclectic responses. No matter what the genre, she’s up for giving anything a listen and adding to her music library. If she’s not listening to new acts, she’s out supporting them around the Dublin Music Scene.

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