Paulo Nuno Goncalves

paulo-nuno-goncalvesFine Art, Music and Street photographer.

Paulo started doing photography in 1997. Between 2000 and 2001 he studied Black & White Photography in Amsterdam and started doing Street Photography, mainly in Lisbon and Dublin. In 2002 Paulo moved to Dublin, coming from Lisbon, and started specializing in floral photography, while doing the ocasional landscape photography. At the end of 2011 Paulo’s work was included in a Black & White book called “Portugal.p&b”, a book about Portugal and the portuguese people. Also at the end of 2011 he started doing Music Photography and soon after joined the team of the online magazine

In 2013 Paulo joined

His photos have been printed in Irish national newspapers and also by the RedBulletin, the Red Bull Magazine. Paulo’s work about surfers will soon be included in a book by Art Takes Time Square featuring a list of international artists selected by an international jury.

Some of Paulo’ work:

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