Acoustic Behaviour at Whelan’s – Review

acoustic-behaviourAcoustic Behaviour opened for LiR at Whelan’s on Saturday 22nd of June.

They kicked off their set with ‘All Over Me’ a pared back pop-rock number with great percussion on the box drum and vocals that faded seamlessly toward the end of the song after which the enthusiastic crowd gave them an absolutely enormous cheer. They then introduced their ‘very cheery’ next song ‘Depressing Demon’ with soft vocals and guitar to open before the bass and drum kicked in to pick up the pace a little.

They slowed it down again with the romantic ballad ‘German Rose’ which opened with an almost poetic spoken introduction. This song really told a story and seemed to fit the casual setting as people swayed along with their drinks.

They took a different tack with the next track, ’62 Year Old Man’. It opened with a melancholy guitar riff and gentle maracas. The husky vocals of the drummer joined those of the lead singer and alternated over a really lovely acoustic line that made it the highlight of the set. The song was beautifully composed and dripping with emotion. This was followed by one of the first songs they ever wrote ‘Kiss The Lips’ which combined bongo drums and intriguing lyrics about the concepts of evil and purity. The guitarist and drummer harmonised with the lead singer on the vocals and the sustained endnote made for a great finish.

Their penultimate track ‘Anything is Possible’ was one of their catchiest; young-sounding, easy-listening pop-rock with a fun, young sound. It built nicely to the chorus which the audience joined in on and the bopping tambourine interval was a particular highlight!
They finished up their set with a louder and bouncier upbeat number called ‘Kings and Queens’. The song quietened and softened midway through as the lead singer crouched down as though singing us a secret before the built back up with additional vocals to return to a full-force blowout ending.

Acoustic Behaviour were a great start to a lively night and played a really enjoyable set that, combined with the crowd atmosphere, made for a fun evening!

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Review by Kat Clinch


Lucy Ivan

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