Acrobat – ‘Flux’ EP – Review

Acrobat Flux EP Review

Acrobat Flux EP Review

‘Flux’ is the new EP from Dublin based indie quartet, Acrobat. In the midst of a productive streak it seems, already this year saw the release of the band’s debut EP through their own Stoneship Records label, with both records produced by industry veteran Rob Kirwan.

‘Not Back Down’ is the opening track and lead single off ‘Flux’, its chugging, crunchy electric guitar and sharp drums setting the tone for a tightly produced and professionally recorded piece of indie rock. Wide, settled synth fills out the track as big snare and deep kick drum maintains the momentum and drives towards a sing-along chorus replete with glistening backing vocals.

‘Even if’ is a pleasant enough pop-rock piece, heavily indebted to the stadium rock of Las Vegas lads, The Killers, especially the glowing guitar tone, whilst the more relaxed ‘You Move Away’ and its dynamic, atmospheric build, airy synthesiser and light percussion, provides a different tempo than the previous indie rock stompers. The EP ends with ‘The Missing’, a bright and optimistic number with shining backing vocals and plenty of pace reminiscent of Snow Patrol.

From the outset Acrobat’s indie pop-rock influences are apparent with ‘Flux’, an EP that, although recorded and produced masterfully, suffers from a lack of originality, daring and creative depth.

‘Flux’ is due for release 31st October.

By Andy Guyett


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