Alex Skolnick Trio at The Button Factory – Review & Photos

alex-skolnick-trio-button-factory-23Alex Skolnick Trio played The Button Factory tonight, September 25th.

The Button Factory hosted a very special night with fantastic music from the immensely talented Alex Skolnick and his bandmates.

There was no doubt that Alex Skolnick was going to impress his Irish fans, but nothing could have prepared me for the live show, no matter how many times the trio’s tunes blasted at full volume in my headphones. There’s something about their music that just makes you relax and absorb every note. It’s melodic, energetic and many times surprising.

The Button Factory had a very cosy atmosphere at this fully seated show. People of all ages were patiently waiting for the show to start around the small candle-lit tables. At quarter past eight the three musicians took to the stage and, without saying anything, opened the set with “Bollywood Jam“, an original composition, perfectly suited for an opening track. Less than thirty seconds into the tune everyone was moving their head to the rhythm.

Bollywood Jam was followed by “99/09“, another song from the band’s 2011 album “Veritas”. This was the first song where the skills of the three musicians became evident, not just as a band. Each of them had pieces of the song that proved what talented musicians they are.

Dream On“, the third song, was a brilliantly arranged Aerosmith classic. If there was anyone still not convinced by the band’s music, hearing what they can do with a well-known song, surely did the job.

Of course, at this point I could go on and on about how brilliant each part of the show was, and I wouldn’t be lying. All you need to know is that the 90 minute set (with a short break) was a wonderful display of rock infused jazz. Alex Skolnick, Matt Zebroski (drums), and Nathan Peck (bass) seemed genuinely happy to play in Dublin, so hopefully they’ll be back soon. If they return, yours truly will be there!

Photos and review by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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