Almost Ghosts – Irish Band of the Week

Almost Ghosts Irish Band of the Week

Almost Ghosts Irish Band of the Week

How can you be almost ghosts? Is it like Nearly Headless Nick in Harry Potter where he’s clinging on by a single tendon? We don’t really know, and we’ve never been into the supernatural to begin with. Almost Ghosts are a band who caught our attention for a whole array of reasons. One of them is the fact that they describe themselves as ‘if Two Door Cinema Club (somehow) got into a disco dance-off with The National, then Almost Ghosts would be the sound of the winning blows’. Yeah, try to wrap your head around the sort of musical prowess. Secondly, there has been a dramatic change in the band’s structure, the middle of 2014 saw them move from being an intense four piece rock group to a lively indie rock trio. Just six months after this significant line-up alteration they went on to support Youth Mass in a massively successful sold-out gig in Whelan’s. Their performance did not go unnoticed, nor did the change in style and number of members seem to affect them.

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Comprised of Mike Daly (vocals, guitar, programming), Andy McClelland (vocals, guitar), and David Dooley (bass, synth, programming), Almost Ghosts have been likened to White Lies, Foals, and U2, and if that isn’t quite a mantle to carry, we don’t know what is. With a pulsating combination of indie and alt-rock intensity, their varying styles of music marry themselves perfectly.

If you want to see how indie and electronic music can marry together so flawlessly, then check out their amazing track ‘For This’. It’s a wonderful slice of buzzing synth and alluring beats to lull you out of your Monday blues.

By Elaine McDonald


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