Alternative 4 at The Pint (photos)

The Pint hosted Alternative 4 and their guests, the Irish band Lost Paradise, on Friday night.

The band was formed by Duncan Patterson, former member of Anathema, in 2011. The name Alternative 4 derives from 1998 Anathema album of the same name which Duncan Patterson penned. In 2012 Alternative 4 signed with German label Prophecy Productions.

Alternative 4 has a very complex sound with tunes ranging in style from good-old hard rock to slow, almost ambiental, and then suddenly changing to psychedelic string arrangements. Anathema fans will definitely find influences in their music, but a bit of the psychedelic side of Pink Floyd  is also present in their music. Attention to detail is another quality that pops into mind when thinking about Alternative 4’s music. The carefully arranged compositions and complex guitar riffs are signs of the rich musical background that the band members have.

The gig at The Pint was the first of the band’s winter tour, which will include shows in The Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Poland. Although a bit shy at first, the crowd slowly tuned into the band’s frequency and enjoyed their set.

Band members:

  • Duncan Patterson
  • Mark Kelson
  • Mauro Frison
More details about Alternative 4 on their website and their Facebook page.


Lucy Ivan

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