Ana Gog album launch at The Unitarian Church (review & photos)

Ana Gog


Ana Gog released “Making Trails”, their debut album, at The Unitarian Church last Friday, March 1st.

There was a long queue outside The Unitarian Church on Friday night. Friends and family of the band, as well as many fans filled the church long before the OKO, the supporting act, began their set. Even the band seemed surprised to see such a big crowd.

The set included both old songs and songs from Making Trails. Our senses were overwhelmed by the complexity of their music, with tasteful alternations between soft pieces and guitar riffs with fast drumming in the background. The show also included a projection of visual effects that enhanced Ana Gog’s tunes even further. Michael Gallen, the band’s lead vocal and main songwriter, has done a great job on this album. The mix of instruments is just perfect. Piano, keys, guitar (played with a bow on some songs), bass, drums and soft melodic vocals with carefully written lyrics make Ana Gog’s album a piece worth enjoying as a whole, not just song by song. The album sounds fantastic but a live concert is even better.

Give the album a listen and buy it on Amazon or in Irish record stores.



Lucy Ivan

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