Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is an eight-piece, Chicago-based brass ensemble consisting of eight sons of the jazz trumpeter Phil Cohran. Renowned for their ability to capture an audience with only horns and a drum set, “Hypnotic” has traveled the world doing just that. Their musical style is a combination of all the better parts of many different musical genres, ranging from hip-hop to jazz to funk and rock. You can even find traces of calypso and gypsie music in their eclectic blend of sound they call “now music”, or “Hypnotic”. Reared in the teachings of music since they were children, some of them as young as three years old, they grew up on the stage playing as the “Phil Cohran Youth Ensemble”. In many circles, theirs has been labeled the best live show and a definite must see.

Source: Wikipedia

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