Ian Fisher and The Present

Raised on the river, living on the road… With many miles in his memory, and many more in sight, Ian Fisher has become the archetypal ramblin’ songster he learned about from his father’s record player. Round and round and round he goes – where he stops…

Ian Fisher was raised in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, a town of 4,000 honest folks between Highway 61 and the Mississippi River. He remembers spending days on his grandfather’s farm and nights at the Dairy Queen. “There wasn’t much to do but pick up a guitar and write a song,” recounts Ian. The songs written in his Ste. Genevieve basement were about a world yet to be seen, a life waiting to be lived. “It didn’t take long for those songs to feel like lies,” Ian remembers. “I could write about whatever I wanted, but if it wasn’t honest, it wasn’t worth writing… or listening too, for that matter.” It was time to say goodbye to the fields and find some truth down the road.

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