Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro have been described as, “haunting, yet uplifting.” Their name was chosen in the wake of the Moscow City suicide bombings and the destruction of Moscow’s spectacular underground. Moscow Metro draw influence from their social environment and its effect on their lives and the city around them. Their distinct “wall of sound” approach melds sincerity and agression in a dense melancholic core. In their short career Moscow Metro have caught the attention of the national press through their impressive main stage festival performances at ELECTRIC PICNIC, BODY & SOUL and LISS ARD last summer. They have been building a reputation as a fearsome live ‘must see’ band. In a time when the music industry is swamped with buzz word indie bands with banal globalised sounds, Moscow Metro instead offer energetic yet skeletal social commentary focused on the city around them and its effect on their lives, their lost generation, and its uncertain future.


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