The Needables

The Needables are Beat and Floyd Needable, both former fishermen, both former members of a cartoon themed barbershop quintet, and both men living lives of blissful ignorance, who, on two non-simultaneous occasions, woke up to the realisation that the strings of their hearts made a kinda country twang.

In the same way that caterpillars sometimes turn into rather unattractive looking butterflies, Beat and Floyd, armed with two tin cans connected by a piece of string, some musical instruments made out of cardboard boxes, twine, and sticky-back plastic, an old tape recorder, and a first aid kit in case of emergencies, locked themselves into an abandoned mud shack, turned the dial up to ‘Country’, and emerged as The Needables.

Their first single, ‘Beauty From A Kiss’, is a cotton pickin’, toe tappin’, tongue flappin’, wing clippin’, back flippin’, biscuit dippin’ rollercoaster ride, which will soon be available on cassette from the back of Beat’s rickety old pick-up truck.

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