Vyvienne Long

Vyvienne Long is a musician from Co. Dublin, Ireland. A classically trained cellist from the College of Music, Dublin and the Escola de Musica in Barcelona, she also sings and plays piano and writes music for her quintet which comprises 2 cellos, piano, doublebass and drums.

After touring for many years with Damien Rice she released an EP entitled Birdtalk in 2006. Her well known cello heavy cover version of Seven Nation Army appeared on Even Better than the Real Thing vol 2, a compilation of Irish artists. In March 2009 she released a single from her album called Happy Thoughts. The song, originally used for a cheese ad, asks a number of whimsical questions relating to the unusual habits of various wild animals.

Her debut album Caterpillar Sarabande, recorded in The Cauldron Studios Dublin, was released in Ireland and digitally on 12 March 2010.
She headlined A Gig For Haiti, a benefit concert for Oxfam Ireland on 27 March 2010, which featured other Irish artists such as The Last Tycoons and Rob Smith.

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