Basciville – Irish Band Of The Week

Basciville - Irish Band Of The Week

Basciville - Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is something a little bit different, a mingling of blues and jazz, with the most soulful of rock undertones. Basciville are a most impressive Irish pair comprised of Wexford brothers Cillian and Lorcan Byrne, both with degrees in music.

With a curious range of influences, bring drawn from R&B greats such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder to Ella Fitzgerald, Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin and Ry Cooder and Van Morrison, they also dabble with contemporary jazz musicians, including Tigran Hamaysan and Joshua Redman.

The band have a wonderfully unique sound, as they choose to focus on combining the shimmering elegance of pop with the controlled sensibilities of jazz and blues ideals. Basciville recently recorded and released their debut EP, Blues in Red, and it is quite a listen. The title track has the powerfully soulful stylistics of Paolo Nutini with the steady pulse of drums that Basciville seem to use as their hallmark. ‘Sweet October’ is an even more mellowed out track, the lyrics carry a quite passion, and the melancholy that saturates the track marks the Byrne brothers as two exceptional lyricists and musicians.

These guys are one to watch, so be sure to check out their delightful EP here:


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