Beach At Whelan’s – Review

Beach Whelan's Review

Beach Whelan's Review

Psychedelic noise merchants Beach are at it again, making serious headway with cracking singles and stunning live shows. The Dublin quintet dropped a promising EP before stepping up their game with the mesmerising ‘Arabia’, and more recently the noise rock driven ‘Donuts’. Now rising up in the ranks somewhat, the group take the main stage at Whelan’s.

Electro/folk songstress Farrah Elle opens the show, and quickly enchants the audience with her phenomenal voice. She commands the attention of all present perfectly. Her songs are in essence folky love songs done well, but with an XX like slice of electro. While interesting for a moment, it really isn’t necessary, and seems a little forced. That aside, her talents are impossible to ignore, she just needs to find her place.

Vameel also provide support, and take things up a notch or two in intensity. Their breed of electronic psych sounds like it’s made for a jungle rave, and gets the crowd hopping in no time. The songs all blend into half an hour of drum driven noise rock, with oscillating keys and reverb drenched chanting from front woman Roisin Doyle. The two support acts seem to be the yin and yang of our headliners.

Finally, Beach arrive onstage. A clatter of noise and beautiful walls of sound are what’s in store for us, and we are not disappointed. Dave Barrett’s raspy vocals graduate from a low and tender whisper to a loud and gruff shout and everything in between. It becomes quickly apparent we are witnessing a show rather than a set. The visuals are stunning, with psychedelic imagery and textures flowing with the mesmerising music perfectly.

The band’s current single, ‘Donuts’, is a Girl Band esque number, which showcases the more gritty side of the band. Perhaps this is a new direction the group wish to pursue in the future. In any case, it works a treat, and seemingly puts the crowd into a trance. The rhythm section shine through here more than anything, they act as moderators to the chaos unfolding between the three other band members. It’s a little confusing to watch at times, but the emotion and conviction is outstanding.

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Veering towards the end of the show now, the band thrive off the crowd’s undying support, and take the energy levels up a few pegs. Walls upon walls of distortion and processed guitars flow freely, and the band can’t help but appear like they’ve enjoyed themselves. With tunes as good as the likes of ‘Donuts’ and the chilled out ‘Arabia’, it’s hard to falter much about this band.

The psychedelic/noise scene in Dublin is becoming understandably popular all of a sudden. Bands like Beach are looking back in time and modernising the way we think about psych music. This revival of sorts is a real treat for all who can be a part of it, and I for one hope it keeps on growing.


Finn O’Reilly

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