Biffy Clyro at The O2 (review)

biffy-clyroBiffy Clyro played The O2 last Thursday, March 28th, and what a show it was!

A jam packed O2 welcomed Biffy Clyro fans with the stage decorated with what seemed to be a massive set of lungs, stairs, led displays and lasers. On the stage, the three Scotsmen, topless – as always, rocked full of energy from the first tune to the encore. The band also had an extra guitarist and a piano player in two dark corners of the stage.

For the people who met Biffy Clyro just through songs like “Bubbles”, Black Chandelier” or “Muntains”, the ‘heavier’ songs may have seemed surprising, judging by how quite the crowd was. The softer, more melodic songs made the fans much louder and got them jumping more easily.

“God and Satan”, probably the most awaited song of the night, had lead singer SImon Neil standing in the spotlight on an otherwise completely dak stage with his acoustic guitar and an Irish flag around his neck. The flag had been thrown from the audience just before the song began.

The sheer number of fans gathered at The O2 and their reactions is enough proof, if anyone needed more, that their latest album “Opposites” is a massive success. It took a while for the band formed in 1995 to reach this point, but it was worth it.


Lucy Ivan

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