Blitz Kids at the Academy 2 – Review and Photos

Blitz Kids, Academy, Dublin, Review, Photos

Blitz Kids, Academy, Dublin, Review, Photos

Tonight marks Blitz Kids’ first headline show in Dublin. That being sad, it feels like it’s been a long time coming. The band have spent years touring and supporting other artists and have gained popularity with the support of publications such as Kerrang! and Rocksound, as well as their extensive social media presence and continuous touring. Tonight proves that the band have worked hard to get here, and they deserve so much more.

But first, opening bands Kate’s Party and Tonight We Live play to a pretty empty Academy 2, but that doesn’t stop the two band’s energy. Kate’s Party give a great performance with their guitar driven sound and put on an enjoyable set. Tonight We Live return to the Academy 2 with their catchy sound and brilliant attitudes, as well as their comic and light hearted chats. They do particularly well to even try and get the crowd into it by asking them to sing along, this ambitious and risky strategy works and by the end of their set, they have the crowd responding.

Finally come Blitz Kids, they are playing to a far from full venue but they and the crowd still don’t hold back. The band have constant and electric stage presence which encourages and captivates the crowd. Along with their banter and humour, the atmosphere of the night is incredibly pleasant. Throwing out their much loved singles such as ‘On My Own’ and ‘Perfect’, Blitz Kids are also treating the crowd to some songs they don’t normally play as well as a My Chemical Romance cover with a bit of ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’.

The entire time they are on the stage, Blitz Kids continue to smile and laugh, make jokes with and at each other whilst still giving every song their all. If anyone needs to be convinced by the band, all it takes is to see them live as it is where they really thrive.

Review by Orla Conway
Photos by Tudor Marian


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