Blondie at The Olympia Theatre – Review & Photos

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The Olympia Theatre hosted Blondie once more for a sold-out show last Tuesday, June 25th.

As Debbie’s appearance to the stage was getting closer, the excitement was building up in The Olympia. People of all ages filled the venue for what turned out to be a brilliant show.

Wearing a bright orange dress and matching shoes, Debbie made her entrance in an explosion of enthusiasm from the crowd. Her unmistakable platinum hair, vitality and diva attitude didn’t reveal that Debbie is almost 68, with a 48 yearlong career under her belt.

The opening track, “One Way” showed that Blondie were there to give their fans a night to remember. Less than 30 seconds into their first tune and The Olympia was shaking as the whole audience was singing along. “Rave”, the second track of the set, taken from Blondie’s 2013 album “Ghosts Of Download”, gave the fans a chance to catch their breath. The excitement levels went back up with “Hanging On The Telephone”, the song from “Parallel Lines”, album released in ’78 and sold in over 20 million copies.

A few songs in and the classics started to appear, amplifying the uproar of the fans. “Maria” and “The Tide Is High” stood out as the most loved tunes of the night with the crowd making even more noise than before.

“Lights”, an Ellie Goulding cover, took the spotlight away from Debbie and gave the other band members a chance to shine during the ten minute long song. Guitarist Tommy Kessler, who joined the band in 2010, had the most impressive solo, but bassist Leigh Foxx and Blondie co-founder Chris Stein were also brilliant.

“Heart” was the last song before the encore, and Debbie used the heart-shaped mirror that was hanging from her microphone to shine some light on her fans.

Even though probably no one thought Debbie and her band might not return for a few more songs, stadium-like cheering invited them all back. The encore debuted with “Take Me In The Night”, another song from Blondie’s latest album. “Call Me” and “Relax” followed, leaving “Dreaming” for the grand finale.

Besides a trip down memory lane for most of the people in the audience, the concert was absolutely brilliant. In spite of her age, Debbie is a top entertainer and a fantastic singer! I wonder when she’ll be back.

Support came from Northern Irish band Silhouete.

Check out some photos from the show, taken by Tudor Marian.


Lucy Ivan

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