Boy On The Rocks EP By Damsel – Review

Boy On The Rocks EP By Damsel - Review

Boy On The Rocks EP By Damsel - Review

There are certain records that you can pick up – and from the go-get, you just know. The opening track, ‘A Signal Sent’, tells us all. A lustrous strum that winds us down is met with a grainy and intricate vocal. ‘Eating my breakfast alone – alive at dusk. Oh but the kitchen is cold, that warrants lust for your company’. This opening track evokes a pensive state of mind – mindful and eased. Brought upbeat with percussion, it never falters from grasping.

Extending in different directions throughout this EP, this altering tone profusely pleases – from a dreamy and introspection-inducing ‘The More You Know’ to the more sobering lines and noir of ‘Through The Fells’. Luke O’Neill’s shrill voice and the exquisite distinctiveness of Boys On The Rocks fills us with the desire to witness Damsel live.

Significant cogitation shapes the ending ‘Rubber Knives and Socialites’ into profound perceptions, leaving us drawn to every lyric. Instrumental delight is in abundance. Ravishing washes of what sounds like mandolin strings brings romance to the melancholy. Devastatingly beautiful, this tune brings to a close a wondrous EP.

Damsel will play The Workman’s Club on 14 February as support to August Wells.

Review by Shannon Welby


Lucy Ivan

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