Brand New Friend – ‘I Was An Astronaut’

Brand New Friend - 'I Was An Astronaut'

Brand New Friend - 'I Was An Astronaut'

Brand New Friend, hailing from the north coast of Northern Ireland, are a young, energetic indie-pop four-piece and they’ve just unveiled their debut single ‘I Was An Astronaut’.

An impressive career opener, being the first track ever recorded by the group, ‘I Was An Astronaut’ is built around jangling guitars and subtle vocal harmonies. Despite the relative youth of the band, this track is tinted with a sharp edge of nostalgic yearning. We might still be trapped in the cold, early months of 2016, but Brand New Friend have released a song that encapsulates that blissful, carefree headspace of festival season.

Influence from mid-noughties pop-punk groups like Paramore are evident in the track’s cheery rhythm and infectious hooks with Brand New Friend sharing many of the same guitar-centric pop sensibilities as those who have come before them. The rough around the edges lo-fi recording style matches the tone of the music and serves to enhance the emotion that Brand New Friend are looking to capture.
‘I Was An Astronaut’ is a precocious debut single, and Brand New Friend have displayed a knack for songwriting that points toward a very promising future.


Shane Croghan

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