Bryan Adams At The 3Arena – Review

Bryan Adams At The 3Arena - Review

Bryan Adams At The 3Arena - Review

The lashing rain outside cannot dampen the spirits of those waiting to see Canada’s own Bryan Adams. Touring his thirteenth album, Get Up!, Adams’s show here is definitely anticipated, with an eager but thrilling atmosphere present throughout the entire arena. Thirteen albums is no joke, and neither is tonight’s performance. With no support act, Bryan Adams dives head first into an impressive two hour performance, with a just as impressive backing band.

Tonight’s show begins with ‘Do What You Gotta Do’ and the crowd is singing along from the very start. From the get go, he seems warmed up and buzzing to give everyone the performance of a lifetime, which is exactly what he does. He bursts through a very impressive setlist including the likes of ‘Run To You’, ‘Heaven’, ‘You Belong To Me’, ‘Summer of ‘69’, ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’ and ‘Please Forgive Me’. The songs performed tonight off of Get Up! are absolutely fantastic, but they don’t appear to get much of a reaction, but the rest of the performance makes up for this. Right in the middle of his performance, Adams tells the crowd that the night may go pear shaped during this one particular part of the show: he invites two women in the audience to be his dancers during ‘If You Wanna Be Bad You Gotta Be Good’ (with the women receiving a goody bag as a thank you from Adams). As well as this, he played songs that had been requested on Instagram by those in attendance. Bryan Adams is a total veteran performer with perfected showmanship skills: he knows exactly how to keep his audience in the palm of his hands, making them clap along and sing along with him with total ease. He is a man of the people and performs with a passion that can only be matched by the crowd here tonight.

Vocally, Bryan Adams sounds sensationally good. It’s completely silky smooth, but coarse all at once. He sounds absolutely fantastic, which cannot be said for every band or performer that plays in an arena as big as the 3Arena. Musically, the band is phenomenal: they sound completely pristine but are just as wild as Adams himself; in particular guitarist Keith Scott who plays with a fierce virtuosic style that cannot be matched. The set is ended with ‘The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You’, with the entire band exiting the stage. They do, however, return for one more song together, ‘Brand New Day’, with the rest of the half hour encore being performed acoustically by Bryan Adams on his own. This acoustic encore includes Eddie Cochran’s ‘Cmon Everybody’ and Elvis Presley’s ‘All Shook Up’; both going down very well. Along with these massive hits are some of Bryan Adams’s own hits, including ‘Into the Fire’ and ‘She Knows Me’. There is a whole new sense of togetherness in the 3Arena during this acoustic set: it’s incredible how intimate he manages to make an arena as large as the 3Arena feel. He wraps up the entire show appropriately with ‘Remember’. This is certainly a night no one will ever forget.


Shauna Collins

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