Buzz Cagney At Whelan’s – Review

Buzz Cagney At Whelan’s - Review

Buzz Cagney At Whelan’s - Review

Young new bands in Ireland are emerging left right and centre these days. Everything from indie to metal, noise to folk and neo soul. There is, however, something missing. Where are the new age hard rock heroes? A seemingly out of date genre, only a handful of notable bands are flying the flag. Buzz Cagney are a young Dublin act that have recently come to light with their debut EP, Innuendo. Full of gritty, no nonsense rock tunes, their presence is huge. Playing upstairs in Whelan’s, we pop in to check out the hype.

The aptly titled ‘Bloodshot’ opens the set. The first track on the EP is a stormer. Built on a ballsy ZZ Top sounding riff, the unpolished vocals of Kevin McConnell compliment the tunes nature: imperfect and nasty. ‘Love Me Like You Did Last Night’ continues, with its chugging guitars, hot leads and precise vocal harmonies. Not many untrained rock bands get results like these from dual vocal performances, but it works a treat.

The charismatic nature of all band members shine through in the following tracks. Hair waving and rock faces akimbo, the crowd get psyched up more and more with each track. A nifty cover of Kings Of Leon classic ‘Four Kicks’ vamps things up a bit, and the dynamic ‘I Can’t Decide’ showcases the high level of musicianship on offer.

Another cover comes via the explosive Stereophonics tune, ‘The Joker And The Thief’. While not recreating the wheel here, the energy is still kept at ten, a more than commendable thing at this stage. The raucous ‘Get Busy’ proves to be the grand finale, and what a way to finish. Blues on speed is the only way to describe this band, and they do it, oh, so well.

Buzz Cagney are promising to be sure. What they lose out on in innovation they make up in energy. They aren’t trying to push boundaries, which is surprising considering their high gain attitude. Nevertheless, with a few more screws tightened, they are shaping up to be a bit of a powerhouse.

Check out their debut EP here:


Finn O’Reilly

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